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What does PTG do?

Some of our families might not be aware of what the Wrightwood Elementary Parent Teacher Group (PTG) does besides asking you for donations and rallying up volunteers for various school events.  The answer in its most simplistic form is this: We bridge the gap between education and parents.  Offering a more enriched and versatile learning environment for our children.  We create and fund activities, events, assemblies, and all field trips!  In addition, we provide classroom supplies, playground equipment, facilities equipment, technology, and even scholarships.  All of these would otherwise be financially and logistically impossible for the school to provide.

Wrightwood Elementary PTG supports the students of Wrightwood Elementary School in their growth and development by working together with educators, families, and local organizations to create the best learning environment possible.

The Wrightwood Elementary PTG is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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