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Science Fair

Wrightwood Elementary School will be holding a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)Fair on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, during school hours and open to parents and family from 5:30 pm-6:30pm.  Your child is invited to create either a science project or a technology and engineering project to be entered in the fair.  The STEM fair project is intended to be completed at home.  The projects will be displayed at school on the evening of the STEM Fair.


STEM Fairs provide an opportunity for children to be creative in science, to have pride in themselves and their work, and to experience the hands-on scientific method.  STEM Fair Projects provide additional stimulation for students to actively apply their knowledge and learn methods of critical thinking through problem solving in math, engineering, technology and science.  They allow parents an opportunity to participate in one aspect of the academic performance of their child.  Finally, they provide an opportunity to integrate curriculum, i.e., Science, Math, English, History and study/research skills.


This packet provides you with all the information that is necessary to produce a STEM Fair Project by your child. Projects may be brought to school on March 31st and placed behind cafeteria stage if necessary.  Projects must be picked up after end of STEM Fair.  Late entries or entries missing student name will not be judged. 


While this project is entirely optional, we encourage your child to participate in the STEM Fair as an additional science experience to enhance our students’ science skills and knowledge.  We look forward to seeing your wonderful science fair projects at our STEM Fair.



Wrightwood Elementary School PTG

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