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2022-2023 Membership

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year.  It’s time for our annual Wrightwood Parent Teacher Group (PTG) membership drive!


Last year we achieved 100% school-wide membership, meaning every student in the school was a PTG member!  As incentive, every class that gets 100% PTG membership will receive a class pizza party at the end of the membership drive, and if we get 100% school-wide membership again, we will rent a giant slide for the kids to use for the day.

PTG membership dues support family events, assemblies, technology, classroom supplies & improvements, mountain money rewards, field trips, playground enhancements, end-of-the-year activities and more!  All of these wonderful things directly benefit the students of Wrightwood Elementary and help to enrich their education experience.  In addition, the more funds raised, the more fun stuff we can do for the kids!


We offer 5 levels of PTG membership, listed below.  All PTG memberships will be purchased through the website this year and will go on sale Thursday, September 1st and will run until September 15th.

For a second year, we are offering an exciting incentive for membership; a 20-minute airplane ride!  Our goal is to increase PTG membership and provide students with an educational AND fun experience.  Membership levels Family through Silver will be entered in a raffle where 9 winners will be selected.  In addition, all Gold & Platinum level members will automatically receive an airplane ride.

Thank you, and we appreciate your support!

The Wrightwood PTG Membership Coordinator

Click here for detailed information on each of our membership levels

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