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Room Parents

Room Parent Coordinator:  Veronica Booker

Phone: (805) 987-4455


Hello Room Parents!

Thank you so much for volunteering to be a room parent for the 2022-2023 school year. Being a room parent can be a very rewarding experience that will give you a special connection with your Child’s classroom.  



  • Send home a letter to your classroom parents introducing yourself as the teacher’s room parent. This letter should include a place for parents to provide you with there contact information. This letter and all future correspondence must first be approved by your teacher prior to being sent home. If you are having a hard time with getting these letters returned, I have found that bribing the students with goodies and/or trinkets helps. :) Your ability to contact parents directly is vital to your success.


  • Get to know your teacher.  Attached is a questionnaire that you can ask your teacher to fill out. This information will help you get to know your teacher better. It can help guide you in regards to possible future gifts and it is something that you should openly share with the other parents in the event that they feel like doing something special for the teacher.



You are a direct connection between the PTG, your teacher, and parents. I will consistently correspond with you via email throughout the year in regards to PTG activities and room parent responsibilities. You will be responsible for recruiting parent volunteers from your classroom as needed.    


  • Organize and collect funding for classroom parties. This year we are only requiring two classroom parties one for Christmas and one for Valentine’s day. Please correspond with your teacher directly in regards to scheduling these parties. If your teacher would like to have additional parties, that will need to be approved by Mr. Garner directly. 


  • Collecting donations from parents and creating a class raffle basket for the Halloween carnival. 


  • Collecting artwork from your teacher and completing a class bulletin board display in the cafeteria.  Date TBD.


  • Decorating your classroom door for teacher appreciation week.  Theme TBD.


  • Keeping in constant communication with your teacher.  Make sure your teacher is fully stocked on supplies and has enough classroom volunteers. If they need anything please relay these specific needs to the parents.


Thank you again for volunteering. Your position as a room parents is an absolutely vital part of keeping our PTG successful.  If you have any questions, concerns or just flat out frustrations and you need to vent :)  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime.  I am here to help you. 


Veronica Booker

WW Room Parent Coordinator

(805) 987-4455

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